Friday, November 9, 2007

Canucks beat down the Flames

Wow. Any Flames fan who watched the game last night can't be a happy camper today. Come on Flames, at least win one for the Kipper! I am going to cover the bad, the ugly, and the worse.

The Bad:

  • Losing Lanks to a crappy hit from behind. Way to go Cooke, any time you play the Flames they will be looking to kill you.
  • Our Defense. AGAIN. The highlight was Eriksson standing in the crease when Burrows scored. He looked confused. Or was the highlight when Hale passed to Linden who set up Burrows. With so much ass-tastic play to choose from, it's difficult to narrow it down. At least they were trying to block shots.
The Ugly:
  • Flames Offense. GET IT TOGETHER! Stop acting like you've never played with your linemates before. If I hear one more: 'Conroy overskates the puck, Tanguay takes a pass in his skates, Lombardi is in all alone' I just might flip out.
  • Speed. I've noticed the Flames are slow. It appears they can't capitalize on rushes because they move like molasses in January. Get some legs!
  • How about the call on Sedin for diving? Classic.
The Worse or What is wrong with the Flames:
  • Could the delays in re-opening Cowboys Nightclub be affecting their performance?
  • Does Keenan have to get all Keenan with them?
  • Are expectations crushing the Fragile Flames?
    It is because they are not the underdog, the perennial cellar dweller, the team least likely to succeed? The only thing missing from the team compared to the year of the last cup run, is the underdog label. Weird how that works.


leanne said...

I think in the interests of improving the Flames' in-game performance, Cowboys must be granted that development permit, stat.

walkinvisible said...

what the hell ?
i thought cowboys was all greenlit to move into office depot ?!? no ?