Monday, January 12, 2009

Robbie Schremp: I don't think MacT likes him

There is a decided lull in Flames action as they coast through 4 days off. While I am not a fan of the Oilers they do have one secret weapon that cracks the armor of my Oiler hatred: Craig MacTavish.

MacT is ALWAYS good for a sound bite. He also likes to call it like he sees it which, fortunately for me, leads to a huge pot of comedic gold. For example, he recently had to defend his call up of Ryan Poultry (ed: Potulny) which lead to some genius comments:

"It seems everytime we call someone up I have to defend why it wasn't Robbie"

"Rob isn't helping them down there, why does anyone think he'd help us up here?"

"He's Soft"

"He has a number of things to address in his game before his game is good enough for the NHL"

It is clear that MacT is no fan of Schremp. Could it be as simple as a case of penis envy?


walkinvisible said...

if that is, infact, robbie schremp, i would like to know why the hell he's wearing a stars-and-stripes speedo, and why i can't see underneath the oilers logo.

walkinvisible said...

oh, and also the name "robbie schremp" makes me want to talk like bubba gump:

"coconut schremp... deepfried schremp..."

Rob said...

I have it on good authority that is indeed R-Schremp. In an effort to preserve what little credibility he still has, the originator of this fine photo concealed his package leaving some mystery for the ladies.