Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Elite Blue Balls

A few things to discuss this morning, Mats and the 'Nucks and the Calgary Flames ascent to 'Elite' Status.

First up: Canucks.
This evening Mats should be in the Vancouver lineup against the Oil as he begins his quest to relieve his Stanley Cup blue balls (as quaintly depicted to the immediate left). Out of all the trophies available even I want to get intimate with Stanley so I understand Mats' needs. Numerous questions dog the Canucks: will Sundin lead them to the most storied chalice in sporting history? Will Lou heal in time to keep the net puck free? Perhaps most important of all, which line will Mats play on?

I have dreams that he's united with the Sedin sisters so I can bust out Ikea references about flat packing the competition and sending them home missing lock nuts. Or spoofing the oh-so-awesome Ikea instruction manuals. Should the swedish mafia be formed, I think they will be efficient. The other option is Welly and Demitra. Despite some conditioning issues Welly is playing well, knows Mats, and Demitra is always a threat. Not as much potential for comedy from a blogging perspective but I'll make do.

Secondly: The Calgary Flames.

Elite status is something I usually associate with airline reward programs or hotel reward programs. I recall the first time I got elite status with Air Canada, I felt I could singlehandedly beat the Detroit Red Wings in a game of shinny. Wait, no I fucking didn't but maybe the Flames win against the Sharks will get them an upgrade on their next flight? Last evening the Flames had a compelling Victory against a strong Sharks team. It was a joy to watch and I can't help but feel that the Flames are really coming together despite the blogosphere's collective criticism. There are always things to nitpick about and yet the Flames are getting points and wins everywhere they can. Perhaps their best is yet to come. For now, I will relish in this victory. Are the Flames Elite? I can't say that for certain but they tuned the Sharks and I loved it.


duncan said...

I'll tell you what's elite: That graphic.

Anonymous said...

Dude that first period was so exciting I found myself barely half seated on the couch, ready to leap into the air at any given second. I am intrigued also by the 'chemistry' between Bert, Lanks and Bourque. Honestly though, I felt like Iggy could've had a stronger game.


Rob said...

Thanks Duncan, I really need to take a Photoshop class or something.

Hey Dee! Iggy will come along. I hope.

walkinvisible said...

duncan: LOL

rob: i hear sundin's centering fatty and the guy with two first names.

and i'm not gonna directly say that i want mats to go out with a season-ending injury, but with my vast knowledge of swedish, i'm really anxious to use the headline:

mats: SLUT !!

(it's not gramattically correct but close enough.... look it up).