Monday, December 29, 2008

He's Back.

Just who is Rene Bourque? And why the hell are there so many u's in his name and absolutely no c's or k's? Due to a misspent youth I always assumed it was bork. So, dear GSN reader, it's been awhile. I'd apologize but I didn't see you bailing me out while I was locked in mortal combat with a band of angry yetis. You're lucky I specialize in hand to hand yeti combat. While I won't dwell the long absence I will say this: we're back baby and shit is about to get real.

Back to RB for a moment. His mission is clear, he's looking for John Connor and was sent back in time by Skynet. I must applaud his strategy, scoring lots of goals for the Calgary Flames is going to smoke John Connor out lickety split. All kidding aside, RB is an offensive machine that shows no mercy. I like it.

This evening the Flames will be sharing some ice time with the Wild. I will be in attendance with my little brother which ensures a decisive victory. The Flames are like 16-0 when I attend with immediate family. The most notable: '04 game 6 in the Flames-Red Wings series.

Flames 17 Wild 0 (wait a second, this isn't the CAN junior team and Kazachstan)
Flames 3 Wild 2

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