Tuesday, December 30, 2008

17-0, you're welcome.

OK, some thoughts from the game against Minnie:

Connie proves again that he's not a line 1 center. I love the guy but he's an anchor on the top line. Most shifts he had with Iggy and Cammy were spent digging out of the defensive zone. Connie has tons to give this team but put him where he can succeed.

Bert-Lanks-Bork (BLB) is fearsome. The wild are not defensive slouches and BLB was molesting them with ease. More on bork, I love his disposition: Shoot first, ask questions later.

Dion: STFU on the ice. He kept yelling for the puck all night and minnie took advantage of it non-stop. Maybe try some code words instead of 'Hey' and 'Up High'. I know he's trying to find some mojo but please demonstrate that you have the capacity to learn despite the cro-magnon appearance.

The win last evening was interesting to a me (as I have not been following my team with the regular zeal). All the scoring came from 'secondary' sources, it was a one goal game, there was a disallowed goal (mossman lightsabered it in from above the crossbar), and there was a heavy reliance on Kipper to shut it down. I will not prognosticate a stanley cup bound team but what I am seeing is an effective team that thrives at all levels, not just from the stars. I would suspect the Flames are still not playing their best hockey but they might be when it counts, the post season.

Two additional notes from the game:

Cal Clutterbuck is the best and worst hockey player name ever. I am sure he was beaten up repeatedly in the minors.

Last evening's reffing was magoo-ish. Case point: After the minnie goal play continued (no one realized it went in) and in that time Gio got a penalty. Once the goal was 'discovered' shouldn't the play afterwards been nulllified? It was time that didn't exist. This and other boondoggles led to the quote of the night:

"Who's reffing this clusterfuck, Cal Clutterbuck?"

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walkinvisible said...

gio is just that good.
he can make the boxscore from a timewarp. he can jump thru wormholes to sit in the penalty box for an extra seven seconds....

btw: the jersey is out for lettering.