Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Dustin Boyd had one helluva preseason as the top performer. With linemates Moss and GlenX they were terrorizing the competition every night.

So as the roster has been pruned, tuned and tweaked, it would only make sense that Boyd has been sent to the QC Flames. Yeah, you read that right, the Flames management sent him to the minors.

Wow. That's all I can say. Dustin, I am terribly sad to see you go when tools like Prust and Nystrom get to play. This is nothing outside of shameful. Now, it's not a cap issue and it's not a one-way deal issue. Well, mostly not a one way issue. You see, they can fire Nystrom and Prust down to the minors but they still have to pay them the NHL money whereas Boyd can get shafted down to the minors and get paid 30k. I'm sure Kent and WI will cover it more thoroughly.

It's a shame to see such a bad mangerial decision especially when your organization relies so heavily on internally bred talent. You cannot do things like this, even Kevin Lowe knows that.

In other news Rhettsky was put on IR. Because that makes a great deal of sense.


walkinvisible said...

it's starting to sound like dusty got demoted BECAUSE warrener got put on IR... fucking hell, i say. rhettro (bless'im) should have been placed in a glass fucking box at the beginning of training camp, fanned and served grapes by vixens until which time he might clear waivers and be sent to the QC.

rhettsky's 2.5 mil is still on the books until further notice, and dustin was the only guy who didn't have to clear waivers to head to the farm. ie: the only safe move.

such goddamned bullshit.

walkinvisible said...

ohyeah. dustin's move to the qc puts the flames under the cap.

way to go, daz, for not seeing this one coming.

Anonymous said...

I thought Warrener couldn't (or any player) be sent to the minors until they're healthy...which as much as it sucks for Boyd would be why they sent him down to make cap.


walkinvisible said...

I thought Warrener couldn't (or any player) be sent to the minors until they're healthy

yeah. my point exactly... warrener should have been babied thru training camp in order for him to have been ferried safely to the QC before gettin injured. if he's injured at all....