Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Guerrilla Campaign of the Week: Operation Eriksson

People, the time has come to mobilize against the forces that employ Anders Eriksson and allow him ANY FUCKING ICETIME WHATSOEVER. The usual suspects have excellent game coverage and there are some glimmers of awesome in the roster. On the flipside, a fair amount of commentary revolves around Anders and his horrific defensive zone turn overs, his appalling offensive zone turnovers, and his lack of puck awareness. Apparently the only places Eriksson excels are sitting on the bench, warming the penalty box, and the neutral zone. Regarding the game of hockey in the NHL he's hitting the epic failure button pretty hard and frequently. Please don't dress him for the rest of the season and no one will get hurt.

1 comment:

walkinvisible said...

i'm okay with preseason eriksson presence. but when the lights go down in the 'dome before game 1 (y'know, the one that counts), eriksson best be on a plane to illinois/iowa (did anyone ever stop to notice that there are FIVE cities in the quad cities ???)